Dear Saints in Christ,

The congregational leadership is aware of the recent lift on gathering limits set by Governor Reynolds and are working to formulate a plan for when and how to begin meeting for worship services again. The consensus so far is that we are going to be cautious and deliberate. We don't want to rush in to anything and put anyone at excessive risk.

What we can say for certain is that, for the first two Sundays in May (May 3 and May 10), services will continue only to be streamed online. Next week, the leadership will speak again to assess the pandemic situation, as well as confirm our plans for when we do resume corporate worship. As you might imagine, there are many, many details - big and small - that need to be discussed with such a decision. Part of the Governor's allowance involves proper social distancing and increased sanitation, both of which are much more involved than they sound initially. We are striving to have your best interests in mind, both physically and spiritually, so that we might love God and love one another.

As your pastor, I can honestly say that nothing would make me happier than to begin worshiping together with you again - to see you in person, to pray and sing with you, and to commune together. I pray that God continues to work good out of this terrible situation - bringing us to repentance, reminding us of our dependence on him, and fixing our eyes on Jesus, who will come again to make all things new.

God be with you and bless you, now and always.

Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Squire