We Believe...

  • That the Holy Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and therefore without error in all it says and teaches.
  • That the virgin birth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ as well as all other biblical miracles are true and actual events and not myths or exaggeration.
  • That man is sinful from conception, separated from God, and deserving of eternal punishment.
  • That man can not save himself by his own good works and deeds since they are impure and imperfect.
  • That Jesus Christ, God's Son and true God Himself, having also become true man, lived, suffered and died for the sins of all people, that we would not be condemned but saved.
  • That all who believe in Jesus Christ as true God and Savior are saved and have forgiveness, peace, and eternal life.
  • That God gives us and strengthens our faith by the Holy Spirit working through His Word and the Sacraments (Holy Baptism and the Lord's Supper).
  • That every Christian leads a new life of repentance, loving charity towards his neighbor, and praise to God as a result of God's new life in him.